Commercial Display Holograms

As most retailers have precious small square footage, with so many brands and products covering an abundance of categories…the need to stand out, and rise above the clutter is of paramount importance if your product is to get noticed by the consumer.

From POP displays to brochures and anything in-between, commercial applications appear as limitless as your imagination.

Want to Create "A Buzz"? Bring Your Displays to Life, with Holograms!
You spend millions of dollars per year marketing your products, and you expect results. More importantly, we know you expect extremely high quality materials to reach your target audiences, because both the delivery and the message reflect upon the advertiser. Holographic images will get your products noticed, and get people talking about it to their friends. Holograms are ideal for a variety of business promotional applications, so don't just settle for a flat, two-dimensional promotion. Bring your displays to life, with Holograms.

    • Point of Purchase Advertising

Imagine walking into a shoe store and seeing a larger than life-size, full-color image of the latest Nike "cross-trainer" shoe hovering before your eyes! It rotates to give you a view from the front and side, and even changes colors right before your eyes.That's the power of Holography when used in point-of-purchase, in-store signage.

• B2B E-Commerce: Engineering, Architecture & CAD/CAM

Professional users, such as architects, engineers, production companies, who are developing computer-generated three-dimensional images such as buildings and CAD/CAM designs, can enhance design visualization by using a Holographic display to preview projects for themselves and their clients.

• Promotional Media

What if you opened your favorite magazine and found a three-dimensional image of the new BMW roadster driving right off the page and into your living room? Forget flat images! A hologram can make your next magazine insert or promotional mailer really get noticed.

• Professional Photographers

Now you can offer holographic capabilities as add-ons or alternatives to regular two-dimensional portrait photography products


Liti Holographics has developed a revolutionary means of visual image creation via holography...

...for application within the retail signing, merchandising, and point of purchase environments. Forget everything you know about holograms. (You know... poor quality images, small size, and too expensive for large quantity reproduction.) Introducing Liti Holographics hologram images: life-like holograms that will have your audience staring in amazement, and affordable enough to be used in your next high-volume national campaign.

Liti Holographics' revolutionary hologram system captures, processes, prints and replicates full color, high-resolution, three-dimensional images. Also, unlike any holograms you've ever seen before, our hologram images project off the surface of the film, with up to seven seconds of animation and a 120-degree view zone. Holograms are available in large sizes, suitable for use in retail display and point-of-purchase applications.

  • Intense Color
    Traditional holography’s murky, silvery, single color images usually get in the way of the message. Not so with Liti's holograms. Due to Liti Holographics' proprietary processes and its use of an advanced photopolymer film, our holographic images appear in full, realistic color.

  • Maximum View Zone (120 degrees)
    With up to a 120-degree view zone, viewers can see the holographic image from virtually any viewing angle. Current holograms are limited to a view zone of 60 degrees; meaning that a viewer has only a narrow "sweet spot" in which to see the image. Liti's technology reclaims this lost viewing area.

    The size of your hologram can be expanded or contracted, so that smaller or larger holograms can be produced as you need. Initially, Liti will be able to produce images up to 24 inches square, with larger sizes planned.

  • Realistic Animation, Projecting off the Film
    Liti's hologram images present approximately 7 seconds of realistic animation, appearing to move as the viewer walks past the image. The technology allows for holograms of such instantaneous events as explosions, splashing water, and live sporting events in full 3D. These holographic images appear to be coming out of the hologram toward the viewers, enticing viewers to reach out and touch the images. This effect invites interaction with the hologram, and leaves a lasting impression.

    We have developed strategic relationships with certain 'special effects' companies to facilitate the image capture process. Their sophisticated cameras capture the scene and approximately 7 seconds of movement, and a perceived view zone encompassing up to 120 degrees.

  • Lower Production Costs
    We know you have a budget, and that holograms must be competitive with the price of media you currently use, such as photographs, illustrations, mixed media, or computer graphics. You would be surprised at how affordable holograms from Liti Holographics are. This puts holograms within acceptable limits to be suitable for large-scale deployment in a national or international promotional campaign. For a specific project proposal, contact us today.

    Our process dramatically cuts the time required to create holograms. This gives us a tremendous production advantage, as traditional holograms are very time consuming and labor-intensive to produce. We pass along those savings to you in the form of significantly lower costs.

    Using cutting-edge photopolymer film also shortens the hologram production time, requiring only 'dry' processing, as compared with typical 'wet' processing. This dry developing technique is much simpler than standard film developing methods.

  • Flexibility: People, Outdoor Scenes, Almost Any Subject... Anywhere!
    The image capture process for ordinary holograms must be done in special laser studios, limiting the subject matter and increasing the production cost. Liti Holographics will allow the original image to be captured by digital video or other sophisticated image capture equipment at any location and transmitted via the Internet to our labs for processing.


Creating Holograms in Three Easy Steps:

Image Capture

The first step in creating holographic images is the capture of the desired image. This can be done using a video camera, or for really cool effects, with special equipment to capture more elaborate animation. For instance, during the filming of a commercial or motion picture, you might want to capture the key five seconds for use in your POP campaign. (You can expect to pay approximately the same to capture a hologram-compatible image as you would a professional-quality photograph.)

Processing & Proofs

As with photography, we start by making a "master" that you can review prior to full-scale production. To create a master, we digitize the original source file and process it through our proprietary holographic imaging equipment. This process creates over 25,000 separate "points-of view", or small independent images, that it then assembles into one image on a flat piece of film. Once assembled, the master is then shown to you for approval.

Final Production

Once a master has been approved, we can reproduce literally thousands of copies without any degradation in quality. The film is flat, just like a regular photograph, butunder the proper lighting conditions, the image appears 3D with up to five seconds of animation as you walk past the hologram. We then typically ship the images to your display production company or other desired location, together with instructions for mounting and lighting. We can also assist in the integration of the hologram into your POP displays. Depending on the size of the order, it usually takes several weeks after approval of a master to produce large quantities of finished materials.


To learn more about out how you can use the power of 3D - the power of holography - in your next campaign, contact us today.


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