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Holographic capabilities provide new possibilities for a wide range of new products and industrial applications. However, without a holographic expert on your side, your advanced application ideas may just stay that - ideas. Liti has a long history of working with other companies to provide initial concept refinement all the way through manufacturing ramp-up.

Let Liti be your hologram expert, and see the results.

Advanced Holographic Techniques Require a Strong Foundation
Liti Holographics has been producing cutting edge holographic technologies for almost 20 years.  Originally grounded in the MIT Media Lab’s Spatial Imaging Group, headed by one of holography’s pioneers, Steve Benton, Liti has continued the practice of pushing the frontier of holography through understanding the fundamentals.  With a deep understanding of the latest holographic materials, full-color reproduction, digital holography, and advanced Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs), Liti can be your expert in holographic design as well as your holographic prototyping and testing lab.


•Advanced holographic materials and photopolymers

•Full visible spectrum wavelengths and beyond

•Digital holography

•High diffraction efficiency elements

•Holographic multiplexing - spatial, angular, wavelength

•Holographic optical modeling of advanced systems


•Full HOE development and testing


The Right Partner Makes All the Difference

Don't waste your time and budget guessing about holographic performance or characteristics. Let Liti be the holographic expert on your team so that you know exactly what holography can or cannot do for your application. With in-depth experience in all aspects of holograms, Liti can provide a quick response to your questions, and quick turnaround on prototypes and testing to prove your ideas.


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