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Continuing the tradition from its background at the MIT Media Lab, Liti Holographics is working to create not just the technologies for tomorrow, but also the technologies for the day after tomorrow.

With the latest developments of the Microsoft Hololens, Google's massive investment in Magic Leap's augmented reality, and the almost daily announcements of dead celebrities showing up again as "holograms," the holographic market is exploding in unprecedented ways. Watch for new hologram innovations from Liti, as well as our partners, as we imagine and develop what holograms can do long after tomorrow.

Innovating for the Future
From research on Head-Mounted Displays, to easy-to-use consumer products, to ground-breaking advertising displays, Liti Holographics was born on innovation.  We have worked with large corporations like Proctor & Gamble, DuPont, and Nordstrom, while also helping entrepreneurs and new start-ups.  The many benefits of hologram technology are only just starting, and Liti is proud to play the role of innovator for the many advances that are yet to come.


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