Hologram Manufacturing

It's one thing to have a great idea. It's another thing to see it through to production. 

Liti Holographics can help you make it happen. Our capabilities don't stop at the idea phase, but continue through prototyping, production ramp-up and costing, and final production. Whether it is a novel Holographic Optical Element (HOE), a specialty waveguide, or a display application, Liti can walk you through the entire process to make it happen.

Optical Hologram Production and Manufacturing
While silvery security holograms (called embossed holograms) are now regularly manufactured with common hot stamping techniques, there are still only a handful of companies capable of producing and manufacturing advanced holograms as well as the sophisticated technology required for their production. From their high-powered multi-wavelength laser systems, usage of advanced holographic materials and photopolymers, to their computer-controlled hologram production experience, Liti can provide your solution to hologram manufacturing.


•Quick ramp-up to production

•Limited quantity production testing to full production volume

•High-powered laser systems

•Wide range of wavelength capabilities

•Latest holographic materials and photopolymers

•Manufacturing for holographic gratings, HOEs, or display

•Wide range of hologram sizes


Making It Happen

New optical technologies require new methods for production and manufacturing.  Liti is an expert in the field of holography and can help move your plans forward quickly to produce and manufacture your volume application.  Use our flexibility, speed, and in-depth knowledge to execute an effective plan for making your holographic manufacturing a success.


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Hologram Manufacturing
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